Hyundai Certified


“Conviction creates indomitable efforts. This is the key to true miracles. Man’s potential is limitless.”

Chung Ju-yung
(founder of Hyundai Groups of South Korea)

What is also limitless, unfortunately, is a car’s potential for sustaining damage, whether minor or major, from a daunting list of possible causes. Even a vehicle as well engineered as one manufactured by Hyundai Motor Company, with all its high-tech onboard passenger safety gadgets, is not immune to hailstones, hidden road hazards, inattentive drivers, sideswipes, and rear- or front-end collisions.

There is a very good reason that the Korea-based car manufacturer consistently ranks high among the most admired companies worldwide. The name Hyundai, appropriately enough, is derived from a Korean word meaning “modernity.” Everything about these cars—from initial R&D, to engineering and design, to quality control off the assembly line—is synonymous with a modern, better way of doing things. This resolve to stay on the cutting edge also extends to the way they demand that their cars be repaired.

A: No. The Hyundai warranty on new vehicles covers defects in manufacture, including (among other features) 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain protection; 5-year/unlimited-mile 24-hour roadside assistance; and a 12-month/12,000-mile replacement parts and accessories limited warranty. Coverage for damage incurred by a Hyundai vehicle involved in an accident would be covered by the owner’s automobile policy.

A: Only if you want to. However, if you bring your damaged vehicle to an independent body shop that is a member of Hyundai’s network of Recognized Collision Repair Centers (like Keri Coach Works), you will receive the same expert service as you would at a dealership. Repairs made at one of these Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Centers will not invalidate your vehicle’s warranty in any way.

A: It matters a great deal. In addition to using advanced high-strength steels, exotic metals, and composite materials in their construction, today’s Hyundai vehicles also include highly advanced crash avoidance and safety system technologies. Therefore it is vital for these systems to be repaired with parts that will deliver the intended level of form, function, performance, and safety as originally specified by Hyundai engineers. The only way to be certain you are getting original equipment performance is to demand that the repair center use OEM components—i.e., Hyundai Genuine Parts.

A: You should not assume so. When a new Hyundai vehicle is built, all the components are Hyundai Original Equipment Parts. Because Hyundai parts have been extensively tested as an entire, integrated vehicle system, replacing them with aftermarket knock-offs or reconditioned parts may compromise the intended level of safety and performance of the vehicle. While nearly all auto insurance policies allow for the use of alternative parts (for lower premiums) in collision repairs, owners have the right to demand that the auto body repair shop use only Hyundai Genuine Parts. Before you buy insurance for your vehicle, read the policy and know what coverage you are purchasing!

A: As a Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center, Keri Coach always recommends using Hyundai Genuine Parts in our repairs for the sake of your vehicle’s structural integrity, long-term performance, value, and safety.

When an accident happens, the only thing you need to ask yourself is: “Whom will I trust to repair the damage to my Hyundai?” Put another way, which independent body shop located near you has the capability and expertise to do the job right without breaking the bank?

The answer to that question is the Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center Program. As a member in good standing of this exclusive network of Hyundai-certified body shops, Keri Coach Works strives every day to earn the trust of Hyundai car owners whose vehicles have been damaged in collisions or by other causes. In order to adhere to the exacting auto body repair standards set forth by the company, our technicians undergo hours of Hyundai-specific training. Not only do they have the expertise to make your vehicle look good as new on the outside, they also look for any hidden damage “under the hood” that could make your car unsafe to operate. As a result, when Keri Coach works on your damaged vehicle, rest assured that you will drive away with:

  • Genuine Hyundai replacement parts, with quality, durability, and performance equivalent to that of the parts they replace, so as to maintain the vehicle’s original structural integrity and safety standards;
  • A like-new appearance, from perfect-match paint finish to precise, factory-spec fit of parts; and
  • Protected vehicle resale and trade-in dollar value.

In addition, because Keri Coach is part of the Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Network and uses only Hyundai OEM replacement parts, applicable manufacturer and extended warranties on the vehicle remain intact.

We sincerely hope our customers enjoy a long, accident-free relationship with their Hyundai vehicles. In the event of a collision or other damage, however, we want them to know they need not worry. The Hyundai Recognized Collision Repair Center plaque that we proudly display at our body shop in Westbury, New York, assures Hyundai car owners that an expert repair center like Keri Coach Works is in a league by itself when it comes to restoring the fit, finish, durability, safety, and continued value of the vehicle being repaired.