Tesla Certified


The present is theirs; the future,
for which I really worked, is mine.

Nikola Tesla

Considering that SpaceX, a sister company of Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors, is leading the way in 21st-century space exploration, it is no wonder that many consider Tesla automobiles to be truly “the cars of the future.” From design, to safety, to electronics, to manufacture, the engineering innovations pioneered by Tesla put their vehicles squarely on the cutting edge of automobile technology.

In a perfect world, no mishap would ever mar the near perfection of your Tesla vehicle. In the real world, unfortunately, accidents do happen. Given the unique materials and specialized technologies incorporated into Tesla cars, however, in the event of a collision you cannot bring it to just any body shop for the necessary repairs. To maintain the warranty on the vehicle, it must be a Tesla Certified body shop, like Keri Coach Works, which understands the full gamut of advanced technologies built into every Tesla automobile, including:

  • paint for finish
  • body structure specs
  • structural aluminum casting
  • physics of extruded and stamped-panel metal
  • mechanical welding of joints
  • adhesive bonding techniques

A: He didn’t. The CEO of Tesla Motors had nothing to do with naming the company. One of Tesla Motors’ co-founders, Martin Eberhard, is the person who actually came up with the name, in homage to the famed Serbo-American genius who invented the concept of the AC (“alternating current”) motor, a type of which now powers Tesla automobiles.

A: No. Tesla is the only car company that produces vehicles powered exclusively by electricity. That fact alone makes a Tesla different from virtually 100% of all other cars sold in the U.S. today.

A: Where to start? Since none of their cars uses a gas-fueled internal combustion engine, a Tesla has no fuel tank. Instead it has a large battery pack, a cooling system, and some electronic controls. And there are now plans afoot to add a solar panel to the roof, so the battery can recharge itself while driven in daylight. Thanks to its electric powertrain and battery, a Tesla has no drive shaft tunnel, and thus no transmission hump in the rear passenger area. While most internal combustion cars with multispeed transmissions may have hundreds of moving parts, the electric motor in a Tesla has only two moving parts; and its single-speed “transmission” functions without conventional gears. While drivers of other automobile makes and models must contend with all manner of analog buttons, knobs, and switches, along with speedometer and fuel system controls on the dashboard, Tesla centers all its controls on a single, easy-to-read touch-screen display. Last but not least, in the near future Tesla’s Autopilot software—an already advanced driver-assistance system feature that has lane centering, adaptive cruise control, self-parking, and the ability to automatically change lanes—will incorporate advanced artificial intelligence (“AI”) and evolve into a full-fledged autonomous driving system.

A: That’s the point: they can’t! To maintain the safety, resale value, and warranty on the vehicle, a damaged Tesla must be repaired by a Tesla Certified auto collision body shop—like Keri Coach Works. Because our technicians have been trained specifically by Tesla Motors itself, they understand the full range of advanced technologies built into every Tesla automobile, and what to do if any component is damaged in an accident.

As a member in good standing of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network, we are invested in and committed to keeping your car as flawless, functional, and safe today as on the day you first purchased it. Whether you need basic cosmetic work, mending of a minor fender-bender, or extensive repair from a major collision, Keri Coach Works can do it all—and in a timely manner. And did we mention we are as friendly as can be?

Tesla demands only the most exacting standards from its Body Shop Network members. For that reason, Keri Coach service technicians have undergone thorough schooling and rigorous testing at Tesla’s factory in Fremont, California, to ensure that they are superbly trained and equipped to handle every aspect of your car’s repair, from basic structure to final finish, using only approved tools and OEM replacement parts. Moreover, our technicians are periodically evaluated to make sure they remain on the cutting edge of Tesla automotive repair.

In short, Keri Coach Works stands among the elite of the elite when it comes to servicing all makes and models of Tesla automobiles in Long Island!